Hail Damage FAQ #1

Some Companies
charge up to $2,500 and more to lock in your job

There is at least one company working in Airdrie and Calgary doing this. They claim to have the ability to PUSH the insurance claims through the Insurance Companies and force them to pay. They charge money up front to do this, which in most cases was $2,500. They have the homeowner sign a contract that if any claim is paid by their Insurance Company then this company will do the work. If another company does the work then the homeowner looses the $2,500.

The contract will state that the homeowner will only get the money back if there is never any claim paid out by the Insurance Company. If the claim is not covered by their Insurance Company and the homeowner gets the money back, they are still subject to a Law Suit for the money in the future if at any time the decision is reversed and they get their claim.

Problems with this

1. Gives homeowners no chance to change their mind if they find someone who can do a better job.

2. Loss of control if they get a bad job.

3. Stuck with extra costs if the insurance payout based on what other contractors are charging is less than this company's quote.

4. Problems created between you and your Insurance Company. Insurance Companies have a tough job keeping everyone honest and keeping their rates down. Companies like this cause a lot of problems for them, and sometimes causes the Insurance Companies lose good customers because the customers don't understand why they can't pay what this company is demanding from them.


1. Stay away from companies like this.

2. Report these companies to your Insurance agents so they can warn other people.