Hail Damage FAQ #2

Some Companies
fight for damage that doesn't exist

When a company takes on an insurance claim they make a profit. The more work they can find the more profit they can make.

The companies to watch for are the ones who continually insist that there's damage, even though sou don't see any and inspectors have already determined there is none. Some of these companies will not stop until either the Insurance Company buckles under or your Insurance Company has had enough and refuses to renew your policy the next year.

Problems with this

1. Unnecessary repairs are made for the benefit of these companies and at the expense of you and your Insurance Company. The Insurance Company loses additional money paying them for this unneeded work and you, along with everybody else loses money because this will ultimately cause the insurance rates to increase.

2. It's bad for the environment and our Grand Children. Good materials fill up the landfills and fuel consumption along with factory emissions to the atmosphere add pollution to an already polluted eco system.


1. If a salesman claims you have damage even though you and the experts from your Insurance Company don't see any damage then get another opinion (or multiple opinions) and do your own redearch. There is a lot of information online about shingles and hail damage. Home inspectors may also be a good source of information.

2. Check this company out with the Better Business Bureau. Sometimes you'll find complaints made against them in the past for fraudulent insurance claims.