Hail Damage FAQ #3

Some Companies
take advantage of the situation and inflate costs

Hail damage is hard on everyone, the affect homeowners, the Insurance Companies and the general public. There are some companies that will take advantage of the situation. One way some companies do this is to inflate the repair costs.

Problems with this

1. Increased stress for the Insurance Companies to sort through these inflates prices.

2. Increased stress for the homeowners because of delays in their claim.

3. Insurance rates go up.


1. Get more than one quote.

2. If signs point to the company being a "Hail Chaser" then question the validity of their prices. One sure sign of this is if they go door to door for the work.

3. The costs should not go up because they are busy. If they're too busy to do the repairs at a reasonable rate then try to find another contractor. There are a lot of good contractors that are not hail chasers. Get references from your insurance agent or from the Better Business Bureau.