Hail Damage FAQ #5

Some Companies
never leave you alone

There are companies that the Insurance Agency refers to as "Hail Chasers" that are notorious for never leaving you alone. They will move from storm to storm and prey on the misfortunes of the storm victims. Some of the Highest Pressure salesmen are employed by these companies. They are attracted by the vulnerability of the homeowners going through the stress after the storm, where it's easy pickens. Some of them just won't take no for an answer.

Even though some homeowners' better judgment is to take a little more time talking with other contractors, many times they will go against their judgment and give in. They just don't have the energy to continually say no, which is exactly what these salesmen count on. Sometimes the homeowners are just scared of saying no to some of them.

Problems with this

1. Reinforces their ideas that they can do this.

2. Encourages these "Storm Chasers" to continue to harass people.

3. Takes the work away from the legitimate contractors that care about their jobs.

4. Causes problems for the Insurance Companies.


1. Be wary of people going door to door for the insurance work.

2. Call companies to give you a quote who are not seen knocking on doors.

2. Use the Better Business Bureau to help find you a good contractor.