Hail Damage FAQ #6

Some Companies
are not liked by Insurance Companies

If an Insurance Company does not like a particular company then there's usually a reason for that. They want the work done and their customers happy. If a company can do this at a reasonable price then they're happy.

The Insurance Companies deal with contractors on a continual basis. If anyone would know about a contractor making problems, it's usually them. Some homeowners will knowingly hire these contractors anyway.

Problems with this

1. You are inheriting the problems that the Insurance Companies have already faced in the past with these contractors.

2. If the reason for the dislike is workmanship problems then you may get a bad job.

3. You will put more stress on your Insurance Company than they already have.


1. Ask your Insurance Company if they would have any problem with the contractors you're proposing.

2. If your Insurance Company has any problem with your proposed contractor then try to find out why. Insurance Companies often offer you a preferred contractor who they are comfortable with. Ultimately it's up to you who you want to do the work, however if a contractor is disliked by your Insurance Company then it should be a RED FLAG and warrant additional consideration.